• The Florida Breastfeeding Coalition Bylaws and strategic goals serve as the framework for governance of the organization and are reviewed and updated by the board to reflect the existing needs of the coalition as needed.
  • As approved in the Florida Breastfeeding Coalition bylaws, the executive committee of the Florida Breastfeeding Coalition oversees all operations of the full  board of directors. These positions and responsibilities include:
    • President – presides over board of director meetings and serves as catalyst for the mobility of the organization’s mission and vision
    • President-Elect – presides in the absence of the President
    • Secretary – maintains minutes of FBC meetings and other correspondence
    • Treasurer – maintains a record of all financial transactions of the FBC and tax exemption requirements
    • Past-President – mentor and supervisor of executive committee activities


  • Annual activities, coalition highlights and fiscal responsibilities are published once a year in our Annual Report